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Free Study Guide: The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

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October 2002: The Shore


No one specific.



The first waves of settlers, from rural areas and used to the silence and vastness that Mars offers.


Subsequent waves of settlers, now from urban areas.


The urban settlers follow after the initial waves, both awed by what they experience and better able to make the transition after the first wave have prepared the way.


The colonization of Mars by Earthians continues afoot.


Again, the progress of colonization. Also, the impact of Earthian affairs on the settlement: Americans are the only ones involved in the colonization, indicating wars have made it impossible for other nations to follow.


The first waves of settlers are from rural areas and adjust easily to the desolation of Mars. What should have followed were settlers from other nations, but those other nations were immersed in wars. As a result, the following waves were also American but now from urban areas, better able to adjust as settlements grow and the loneliness is not as powerful.


As with many other vignettes, this echoes the settlement of America by European settlers.

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The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury: Free Summary

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