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Free Study Guide for A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt

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1. Does Alice want to learn to read?

2. Did Sir Thomas ever meet the Holy Maid of Kent?

3. What was the occupation of Thomas Cromwell’s father?

4. What was the occupation of Cardinal Wolsey’s father?

5. What is the name of the woman who tried to bribe Sir Thomas More with the silver goblet that More gave to Richard Rich?

6. What languages mentioned in the play besides English did Margaret know?

7. What is the nationality of Chapuys?

8. What language did John Colet teach Margaret?

9. What was Margaret’s nickname?

10. Why didn’t More want Margaret to marry Will Roper when he first asked her?

11. What did King Henry mention that he liked about More’s home while he was there?

12. Who recommended to Richard Rich that he should read Machiavelli?

13. What position did Cromwell hold at the beginning of the play?

14. How long did the jury that condemned More to death deliberate?

15. What was More charged with?

16. What is the name of More’s steward?


1. No

2. Yes

3. Farrier

4. Butcher

5. Catherine Anger

6. Latin, Greek

7. Spanish

8. Greek

9. Meg

10. He was not Catholic

11. His garden

12. Cromwell

13. Secretary to Cardinal Wolsey

14. They did not deliberate.

15. High Treason

16. Matthew


1. Is A Man for All Seasons a good description of Sir Thomas More? Give the reasoning behind your answer.

2. Which character in the play is most capable of hurting society? Why?

3. Does A Man for All Seasons have relevance in today’s world? Why?

4. Was the publican a spy? If he was, who was he spying for? If he wasn’t, how did Cromwell get the impression that he was?

5. What percentage of today’s population would you say resembles The Common Man? Explain how you arrive at your answer.

6. Explain how it happened that the law that More respected did not save him when he was innocent.

7. Shortly before they were forced to leave More’s jail cell, what did More tell his family to do?

8. Why do you think that we were told about the future fate of Thomas Cromwell, The Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Cranmer, and Richard Rich?

9. What was Chapuys opinion of the marriage of Henry and Catherine? Why did he lean in that direction?

10. Was Matthew wrong to talk to Rich, Chapuys, and Cromwell about Sir Thomas? Explain the reasoning behind your answer.

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A Man For All Seasons Free BookNotes Summary

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