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Free Study Guide for Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry

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1. How does Gus make the Hat Creek Cattle Company seem more important than it is?

a.) By advertising in the Dry Bean
b.) By word of mouth
c.) By a huge sign outside the ranch

2. In what organization, do Gus and Call first form a partnership?

a.) The Union Army
b.) The Texas Rangers
c.) The Confederate Army

3. Lorena is necessary for the Dry Bean’s business, because

a.) she serves the drinks.
b.) she attracts men looking for a whore, and they drink while they’re there.
c.) she plays the piano and sings.

4. Jake Spoon is

a.) basically a gambler who loves women and shows cowardice.
b.) a competent horseman and gunman who can always be counted on.
c.) somewhat lazy but a good friend and caregiver for Lorena.

5. Newt Dobbs has spent most of his life

a.) with Gus and Call, because he knows Call is his father.
b.) with Gus and Call, because he knows Gus is his father.
c.) with Gus and Call, but he doesn’t know that Call is his father.

6. Call decides to drive a large herd of cattle to Montana, because

a.) he is a man who always looks out for the financial needs of his company.
b.) he is a man who can’t sit still and is always looking for a new adventure.
c.) he has made a promise to Gus to organize the drive.

7. The death of Sean O’Brien is particularly gruesome, because

a.) he is gored by the multi-colored bull.
b.) he is bitten multiple times by a nest of cottonmouths.
c.) he is attacked and eaten alive by a grizzly bear.

8. Clara Allen never married Gus, even though she loved him, because

a.) they were too dissimilar personalities.
b.) she knew he would seldom be home, and she wanted a husband who would be there for her.
c.) her husband, Bob, threatened to kill Gus.

9. Lorena is saved from Blue Duck by

a.) Call and Newt.
b.) Gus and Pea Eye.
c.) Gus and July Johnson.

10. Lorena finally feels she is healing from her ordeal when

a.) she moves in with Lorena.
b.) she stays with Gus all the way to Montana.
c.) she is allowed to live with Call.

11. Clara offers July Johnson a job, because

a.) his wife dies.
b.) she wants to raise his son, Martin.
c.) she wants to marry him.

12. Gus dies as a result of

a.) an Indian shooting him in the back.
b.) an Indian scalping him.
c.) two arrow wounds that lead to blood poisoning.

13. Call gives Newt, before he takes Gus’ body back to Texas,

a.) just the deed to the ranch.
b.) his horse and his gun.
c.) his horse, his gun, and his father’s pocket watch.

14.) Newt is disappointed in the gifts from Call, because

a.) they’re not worth very much money.
b.) he wanted to go along with Call to Texas.
c.) Call never claims him as his son.

15.) Dillard, a one-legged citizen of Lonesome Dove, tells Call in the end

a.) that he had never owned the Hat Creek Cattle Company.
b.) Xavier Wanz had committed suicide over Lorena.
c.) there are only ten people left in the little town.


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Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry Free BookNotes Summary

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