The Invisible Man Study Guide



Study Questions

1.) Why does Mrs. Hall tolerate the Invisible Man as long as she does?

2.) Why do you think Griffin smashes bottles and swears behind the locked door of his room?

3.) How do the speculations of the people in town exemplify human nature?

4.) Which characters have realistic reactions to the Invisible Man? Which ones have unrealistic reactions?

5.) Explain why Teddy Henfry decides the Man is trying to hide something from the police.

6.) What do Huxter’s actions say about him as a member of the town?

7.) At what point is Griffin truly insane?

8.) How do you think you would react if you saw your money disappear in front of you, but couldn’t see who was taking it?

9.) Marvel ends up with all the money because the lawyers couldn’t tell definitively whom it belonged to. How is this similar to our court systems today?

10.)Marvel is introduced as a tramp and ends up a business owner. How realistic is this? What does it say about Marvel himself?

Essay Topics & Book Report Ideas

1.) Research modern scientific discoveries. When has science proceeded without regard to the sanctity of life? Write a paper about the responsibilities of valid research. (Hint: how about animal experimentation, strip coal mining, etc.)

2.) Locate at least one other story that uses the idea of an invisible person. How does that story differ from The Invisible Man?

3.) Critics have said that Wells’ novel lacks character depth. Write a paper in which you explore the concepts that Wells could have elaborated on more specifically with his characters.

4.) Wells has been called the Father of Science Fiction. What characteristics enhance the story as a science fiction novel? Does the element of insanity put the story more or less into the realm of science fiction?

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