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Free Study Guide: The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde - Free BookNotes

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1. Why is Jack not allowed to marry Gwendolen?

A. He is already married
B. Her mother does not approve
C. He is her brother

2. What does Algernon find that leads him to believe jack “Ernest” has another life?

A. A letter, addressed to Ernest
B. A handkerchief with the initials “J.W.”
C. A cigarette case with “Uncle Jack” engraved into it

3. Whom does Algernon think should set an example for the upper class?

A. The lower classes
B. The prime-minister
C. The queen

4. Whom does Cecily wish would visit?

A. Gwendolen
B. Miss Prism
C. Ernest

5. Where has Cecily recorded her engagement to Algernon, “Ernest”

A. The local newspaper
B. A letter to her mother
C. Her diary

6. Whom does Algernon leave Cecily to see?

A. Chasuble
B. Lady Bracknell
C. Jack

7. What do Cecily and Gwendolen compare?

A. Engagement rings
B. Diaries
C. Parasols

8. Over what/whom do Jack and Algernon fight at the end of Act II?

A. Who is allowed to be christened “Ernest”
B. Muffins
C. Cecily

9. What surprise guest arrives in Act III?

A. Lady Bracknell
B. Jack’s real mother
C. Gwendolen’s maid

10. How did this surprise guest attain the address?

A. The phone book
B. By following Algernon
C. Gwendolen’s maid

11. Who is Algernon’s imaginary friend?

A. Bernard
B. Billy
C. Bunbury

12. Why does Algernon say he must visit this friend?

A. Because he is frequently ill
B. Because he is lonely
C. Because they are working on a novel together

13. Who is Jack’s real mother?

A. Lady Bracknell
B. Lady Bracknell’s sister
C. Miss Prism

14. Where was Jack discovered as an infant?

A. Victoria Station
B. In a baby carriage
C. On a train

15. What is Jack’s birth name?

A. John Worthing
B. Algernon Worthing
C. Ernest Worthing

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The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde: Free BookNotes Summary

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