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Study Guide: A Hope In the Unseen by Ron Suskind - Online Notes

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Minor Characters - Ballou High School (Continued)

Unnamed boy in Nike shirt
One of the students who picks on Cedric, singling out his choice of pants.

Delante "Head" Coleman
A student who helps run the Trenton Park Crew, one of the biggest gangs in Ballou.

Connie Mitchell
A student at Ballou whose father is in the military.

Unnamed boy with pistol
Threatens to shoot another boy while Cedric and LaTisha are at the bus stop.

Unnamed small kid in a green army jacket
After the awards ceremony from Cedric's sophomore year, threatened Cedric with a gun after expressing jealousy for the hundred dollar award.

Old woman on the bus
Cedric smiles to her after realizing he was scared, not defeated, by those who antagonize him at school.

Unnamed drug dealers on 16th and V Street
Dealers who see Cedric every morning.

Mr. Govan
Runs the computer lab at Ballou, who arrives early daily for Cedric.

Mildred "Midge" McBriarity
History teacher at Ballou.

Tanya Parker
Cedric's fellow math/science track student at Ballou.

Janet Johns-Gibson
The SAT-PREP teacher at Ballou.

Israel Atkins Sr.
The father of Phillip Atkins, a devout Jehovah's Witness.

Israel Atkins Jr.
The brother of Phillip Atkins and son of Israel Atkins Sr., a talented saxophonist who did not pursue this field after high school.

Unnamed friend of Israel Atkins Sr.
Listens as Phillip's father explains why a creative career is not a good idea.

Dr. Kenneth Jones
Principal of Ballou during Cedric's Senior year.

James Davis
A scholar athlete at Ballou.

Jack Davis
The twin brother of James Davis, who runs with the gangs at school.

Reverend Keels
A teacher who encourages Cedric to improve his SAT score.

James Bunn
President of the Ballou Parent Teacher Student Association.

Ms. Wingfield
Cedric's homeroom teacher since ninth grade.

Justice Clarence Thomas
U. S. Supreme Court Justice who meets with Cedric during his Senior year.

Wayne Graham
The assistant to Justice Clarence Thomas.

Lawan Foster
A student who is often homeless and wins the Beat the Odds award from the Children's Defense Fund.

Constance Thompson
An English teacher at Ballou and senior class advisor, who reviews the student speeches for graduation.

Shirley Briscoe
Cedric's Senior year English teacher at Ballou.

Keisha Ward
Class vice president for Cedric's Senior year.

Dr. Constance Brooks
Vice-principal of Ballou during Cedric's Senior year.

Unnamed black receptionist
Works at Price Waterhouse and speaks to Cedric when he works there about using her "Vanna White" voice.

Marvin Peavy
A graduate from Ballou who planned to go to a vocational school in Altoona, Pennsylvania but is killed during his night job at McDonald's by a co-worker.

Marilyn Green
Ballou's librarian, who prepares the Alumni Day which Cedric attends in his freshman year at Brown.

1993 female Ballou graduate
Speaks at the same Alumni Day event as Cedric, attributing her success at Howard University to God.

Mrs. Taylor
The wife of Clarence Taylor, who accompanies him when he stops at Brown to see Cedric on the way to the Boston Marathon.

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A Hope In the Unseen by Ron Suskind: Free BookNotes Summary

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