Multiple Choice Study Questions

1.) b
2.) c
3.) a
4.) c
5.) a
6.) c
7.) a
8.) c
9.) a
10.) c
11.) a
12.) c
13.) b
14.) c
15.) b
15.) b

Essay Topics

1.) Follow Roy’s maturation by showing how he learns about change, adaptation, and integrity. Cite specific events from the story.

2.) Describe the kind of boy Mullet Fingers is. Why does he live the way he does? What might his future hold?

3.) Contrast Roy’s parents to Lonna and Leon Leep. How have each contributed to the character traits their children exhibit?

4.) Explain how Officer Delinko goes through the same maturation process as Roy.

5.) How does Roy balance his head with his heart?

6.) Discuss the role of the bully, Dana Matherson, in this story. Why is his role important even if his character is a person who seems to have little value?

7.) Attempt to explain how Lonna Leep could reject her own son.

8.) Explain how Mother Paula’s Pancake House attempted to build on a protected site.

9.) What were the driving forces behind Chuck Muckle’s behavior? How is he a bully just like Dana Matherson?

10.) What does it mean in the end when Roy says he’ll do what a real Florida boy would do?

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