Hoot Study Guide

Chapter 15

Roy decides that the mission to Mother Paula’s is just too risky: someone or something will be waiting. He also has fears about trying something that is illegal. This is a problem for him, because he feels that just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. He feels like he needs to come up with a plan to protect Mullet Fingers. So he rides to Dana’s house again and taps on the window until Dana comes to see who’s there. When the bully looks out, Roy does something that’s totally atypical for him: he “moons” the bigger boy. Then, when Dana begins to run after him, Roy takes off, staying just enough ahead of the fatter boy. Eventually, he allows Dana to catch him, but the bully is so tired, he can’t really hurt Roy. Roy pretends, however, that he feels threatened and tells Dana that if he doesn’t hurt him, he’ll tell where he can find a whole case of really expensive cigarettes. He makes the bully promise that he won’t ever hurt him again and then directs the boy to the trailer at the construction site.

The scene shifts to Curly who is still staying at the trailer. He’s set up rat traps all around the trailer to protect against snakes and rodents, but he’s bored and easily falls asleep. He’s suddenly awakened by a noise outside – a SNAP! and a cry. Then the doorknob begins to jiggle, so Marine-style, Curly crashes through the trailer door and pins the intruder to the ground. It is Dana who then tells Curly that his name is Roy Eberhardt. The bully grabs a fistful of dirt and throws it in Curly’s face and runs away.

At the same time, Officer Delinko has this Saturday off. He now has the complete shirt left behind on his antenna by Mullet Fingers. He’s tired of being the butt of the jokes and is even more determined to catch the vandal. He gets into his squad car and decides to drive to the market. Along the way, he sees a boy running in a very wobbly way, each step making a strange clacking sound. The boy tries to run away from Delinko, but the officer catches up to him. At the same time, Curly shows up and tells Delinko what Dana did. Fortunately for Roy, Delinko knows that Dana is not Roy Eberhardt and arrests him for assault, attempted burglary, trespassing, and destruction of private property. Dana’s only response is to ask for a cigarette!


Roy’s plan has worked. Officer Delinko and Curly both believe that they have found the vandal which now takes the pressure off Mullet Fingers. Roy has used his intelligence to protect his friend and himself. He continues to learn about how to adjust to change and make his new world work for him.

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