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Free Study Guide for The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

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1.) In the first chapter, Corrie several times mentions that at the anniversary party, they couldn’t have known certain events were going to happen. This is an example of

a.) metaphor.
b.) irony.
c.) foreshadowing.

2.) When Corrie fears her father might die after she sees the dead baby, he uses, as a way to comfort her, the metaphor of

a.) the hiding place.
b.) the train ticket.
c.) the heavy suitcase.

3.) Karel will not marry Corrie, because

a.) his parents want him to marry someone in his social class.
b.) he has met another woman who is prettier.
c.) she does not want to go to college.

4.) The great miracle that the ten Booms witnessed with Mama was

a.) her ability to communicate only with Corrie.
b.) her ability to sing her favorite hymn at Nollie’s wedding even though her stroke left her speechless.
c.) her ability to walk again after Nollie’s wedding.

5.) On the night the Nazis invade Holland, Corrie has a vision in which she sees

a.) her and her family in a wagon from which they cannot escape.
b.) the great mansion where she will open a home to heal those damaged in the war.
c.) the date she will be released from prison.

6.) Corrie’s nephew, Peter, goes to prison for

a.) trying to help an American parachutist get to the North Sea.
b.) avoiding a round-up to work in a munitions factory.
c.) playing the national anthem on the church organ.

7.) Meyer Mossel, also known as Eusie, was in greater danger than some Jews, because

a.) he refused to wear the yellow star on his coat.
b.) he looked stereotypically Jewish.
c.) he had no relatives or friends to help him.

8.) A German soldier who proves to be an especially great danger to the ten Booms is

a.) Lieutenant Rahms.
b.) Otto Altschuler.
c.) The Snake.

9.) The fact that Corrie’s talisman, her packed “prison” bag, is left behind when she is arrested is an example of

a.) metaphor.
b.) foreshadowing.
c.) irony.

10.) Corrie is thrown into solitary confinement at Scheveningen Prison, because

a.) she tried to escape.
b.) she spoke out aloud when ordered to be silent.
c.) she became ill.

11.) Lieutenant Rahms says he is under a greater shadow than Corrie, because

a.) he feels guilty for what the Germans have done.
b.) he has been hiding Jews.
c.) he is being watched for not handing out stricter punishments.

12.) Corrie learns that Jan Vogel was the name of

a.) the man from Ermelo who had betrayed them to the Germans.
b.) the architect who had built the secret room in the Beje.
c.) the female guard they called the Snake.

13.) Ravensbruck was

a.) a concentration camp for men.
b.) a concentration camp for women.
c.) a concentration camp for anyone who was not Jewish.

14.) The last physical tie to Betsie that Corrie leaves behind is

a.) the blue sweater.
b.) the vitamin bottle.
c.) the four Gospels.

15.) Mrs. Bierens de Haan is the woman who

a.) donates her mansion to fulfill Betsie’s dream.
b.) convinces Corrie to open a healing center at a former concentration camp.
c.) gives up her room at the Gronigen hospital so Corrie can rest and heal.


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The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom Free BookNotes Summary

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