Multiple Choice Study Questions

1. Where are Kim and Ma from?
a. Bangkok
b. Seoul
c. Hong Kong

2. Aunt Paula runs what kind of business?
a. Clothing factory
b. Dry Cleaners
c. Shipping company

3. Who is Kim’s first friend?
a. Christa
b. Tammy
c. Annette

4. What does Aunt Paula lie about to get Kim into school?
a. Address
b. Name
c. Income

5. How is Ma paid?
a. Per piece
b. Per day
c. Per sale

6. What do people think is wrong with Park?
a. He’s mean
b. He has cancer
c. He’s deaf

7. What does Mrs. Avery do?
a. Teacher
b. Real Estate Agent
c. Doctor

8. Which subjects are Kim best at?
a. History and Geography
b. Math and Science
c. Music and Art

9. Kim gets in trouble at Harrison for what?
a. Skipping Class
b. Cheating
c. Stealing

10. Matt works which job after he gets in trouble?
a. Janitor
b. Security
c. Pressing clothes

11. What happened to Matt’s dad?
a. He left the family and gambles
b. He was killed in a fight
c. He stayed in China

12. Which college does Kim go to?
a. Princeton
b. Yale
c. Duke

13. Curt is best at which school subject?
a. Art
b. Gym
c. English

14. Who is Matt’s girlfriend?
a. Annette
b. Hanna
c. Vivian

15. What did Ma do in China?
a. A doctor
b. A music teacher
c. A lawyer

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