Flags of Our Fathers Study Guide

Study Questions

1.) Aside from James Bradley, who else is the other child of a flag raiser?
a. Ira Hayes, Jr.
b. Glenn Strank
c.) Penelope Gagnon
d.) Rene Gagnon, Jr.

2.) Where was Rene Gagnon stuck when he died?
a.) Military bunker
b.) An open field
c.) Janitor’s closet
d.) Behind enemy lines

3.) What was the sport that Harlon Block played while he was in high school?
a.) Football
b.) Basketball
c.) Soccer
d.) Wrestling

4.) Which of the boys had a mother named “Belle”?
a.) Ira
b.) Harlon
c.) Jack
d.) Rene

5.) Who was not born in the United States?
a.) Harlon Block
b.) Ira Hayes
c.) Rene Gagnon
d.) Mike Strank

6.) Ira Hayes is __________ Indian.
a.) Cherokee
b.) Sioux
c.) Pima
d.) Chickasaw

7.) Why is John Bradley’s mother, Kathryn, overprotective of him?
a.) He is an only child
b.) He was sickly as a child
c.) His sister died in childhood
d.) His mother is sick

8.) What is the Block family’s religion?
a.) Seventh Day Adventist
b.) Roman Catholics
c.) Islam
d.) Baptist Christians

9.) What was the name of Rene Gagnon’s wife?
a.) Pauline
b.) Betty
c.) Kathleen
d.) Marion

10.) Where is Franklin Sousley from?
a.) Valley, Texas
b.) Hilltop, Kentucky
c.) Appleton, Wisconsin
d.) San Diego, California

11.) Rene Gagnon was unpopular in Camp Pendleton because _______________.
a.) He is too loud
b.) He is too aggressive
c.) He’s sick all the time
d.) He’s quiet

12.) Where do the boys enjoy their final night before they get sent to Iwo Jima?
a.) Hawaii
b.) The Philippines
c.) Canada
d.) France

13.) How much was the target total for the Seventh Bond Tour?
a.) $40 billion
b.) $14 billion
c.) $14 million
d.) $400 million

14.) How much did the Seventh Bond Tour actually get after the last stop?
a.) $26.3 billion
b.) $26.3 million
c.) $26 million
d.) $26 billion

15.) Where and how was Franklin Sousley shot?
a.) in battle; head
b.) open road; head
c.) open road; back
d.) in battle; torture

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