The Five People You Meet in Heaven Study Guide

Multiple Choice Study Questions

1. What was the name of the amusement that killed Eddie?
a. Flying Falcon
b. Ghoster Coaster
c. Freddy's Free Fall
d. Splashdown

2. Who are the five people Eddie meets in heaven?
a. Ruby, Marguerite, Blue Man, Joe, Captain
b. Marguerite, Captain, Blue Man, Eddie, Tala
c. Blue Man, Captain, Ruby, Marguerite, Tina
d. Ruby, Blue Man, Captain, Tala, Marguerite

3. Who teaches Eddie the predominant theme that there are no random acts in life?
a. Blue Man
b. Captain
c. Eddie’s father
d. Ruby

4. What are the three ways with which Eddie feels his father has damaged him?
a. Violence, silence, drunkenness
b. Silence, belligerence, ignorance
c. Neglect, silence, violence
d. Violence, neglect, drunkenness

5. What did the Captain gain from sacrificing his life during the war?
a. Eddie’s life
b. He kept his promise to his men
c. Eddie’s forgiveness for shooting him in the leg
d. His death caused the captors to surrender

6. After who is Ruby Pier named?
a. Nicky’s great-grandmother
b. Eddie’s grandmother
c. Mickey Shea’s wife
d. Emile’s mother

7. What does Eddie learn from Marguerite in heaven?
a. That he has always loved her
b. Weddings are the same throughout the world
c. Her love for him stopped when she died but has returned
d. When life ends love does not

8. What was the cause of Eddie’s father’s death?
a. A fight with Mickey Shea
b. Pneumonia
c. He drowned
d. Alcohol poisoning

9. When does Eddie let go of the anger he holds for his father?
a. In the diner
b. In the hospital right before his death
c. When he returns injured from the war
d. on his 82nd birthday

10. What was the purpose of Eddie’s life?
a. To become an engineer
b. To forgive his father
c. To keep Ruby Pier clean
d. To keep the children safe

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