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Free Study Guide/Summary for A Day No Pigs Would Die

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The title of the novel clearly reflects the life/death theme of the book. Mr. Peck makes his living by killing hogs. On the day that he dies, however, his boss and his co-workers come to the funeral. Robert remarks that it is ďa day no pigs would die.Ē Because of Havenís death, the pigs would ironically live and additional day. The title also clearly recalls the fact that Pinky, Robertís pet pig, has been slaughtered by Mr. Peck in order to feed the family.



1. Describe the basic character of the protagonist, Robert Peck.

2. What lessons does Robert learn during the course of the novel and how does he learn them?

3. Compare and contrast Haven Peck and his wife, Robertís mother and father.

4. The novel is filled with images of new life and death. Give specific examples of each.

5. What is learned about Shaker life in the novel?

6. Does the language of the novel enhance or detract from the story? Fully explain your answer.

7. How is the theme of neighborliness developed in the novel?

8. Who is Aunt Matty? How is she a comic relief character in the novel?

9. What is the climax of the plot? Why is it the climax?

10. Why does Robert go to the Rutland Fair? Describe his experiences there.

11. Why is the book considered a tragic comedy?


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A Day No Pigs Would Die - Free BookNotes Summary Study Guide

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