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Free Study Guide for The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: BookNotes

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1. Where did Jacques Saunière work?

A. The Musee d’Orsay
B. The Louvre
C. The Sorbonne

2. What is Robert Langdon’s profession?

A. Professor
B. CIA agent
C. Painter

3. What is Sophie Neveu’s favorite painting?

A. The Mona Lisa
B. The Last Supper
C. The Vitruvian Man

4. What nationality is Teabing?

A. British
B. French
C. American

5. What does Saunière’s intricate key open?

A. A Swiss Bank deposit box
B. The Temple Church
C. His country house

6. How did Sophie’s parents die?

A. In a fire
B. In the Holocaust
C. In a car accident

7. What is Silas’s distinguishing characteristic?

A. He was crippled by Polio as a child and now wears braces
B. He is an albino
C. He has a large tattoo of a rose on his back

8. What kind of liquid fills the vile in the cryptex?

A. Carbolic acid
B. Vinegar
C. Bleach

9. Whom does Langdon call collect in the middle of the night?

A. His mother
B. His editor
C. Vittoria

10. What is the missing orb on Isaac Newton’s tomb?

A. Mars
B. A halo
C. An apple

11. What astrological age has just come to an end?

A. Pisces
B. Aquarius
C. Taurus

12.What was Saunière’s nickname for Sophie?

A. Queen Sophie
B. Princess Sophie
C. Baby Sophie

13.What was Jesus’ daughter’s name?

A. Sarah
B. Mary
C. Ruth

14.How do the police finally find Teabing?

A. The Teacher calls in a tip
B. He turns himself in
C. He shows his identification at Westminster Abbey

15.Where is the Holy Grail hidden?

A. Rosslyn Chapel
B. La Pyramide Inversée
C. It does not exist

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The Da Vinci Code: Free BookNotes Online Book Summary

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