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Free Study Guide for The Color Purple by Alice Walker Free Book Summary

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1. Trace the development of Albert's character. How does he change and why?

2. Fully explain what has caused Celie's low self-esteem in the first half of the novel?

3. How does Celie succeed in overcoming her low self-esteem?

4. Fully describe the relationship between Nettie and Celie, making sure to explain how the relationship ends in happiness.

5. What are some instances of racism in the novel?

6. Fully explain the role of sex in the novel.

7. Why is this a feminist novel?

8. Why does the plot end as a comedy?

9. Explain the character of Shug Avery. What does Celie learn from her?

10. What roles do women occupy in the novel, both black and white? What measure of freedom do women enjoy in these roles?

11. Consider the epistolary (letter) form of the novel. What benefits derive from this form for the telling of the story? What drawbacks does it have?

12. List, analyze, and evaluate the various gender crossings in the novel.

13. Explain the reunions that take place at the end of the novel. Is there anything that is not reconciled or re-united? Explain your answer.

14. The main subplot revolves around Nettie in Africa. How does this relate to and impact the main plot of Celie?

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The Color Purple Free BookNotes Summary Analysis

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