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Study Guide for Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns

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1. Name one of the first changes that Love makes in Rucker Blakeslee.

2. What is a milliner?

3. What makes Rucker's marriage to Love especially scandalous to the family?

4. How does Will justify his decision to go fishing?

5. What creek does Will actually fish in?

6. Why does Will cut his fishing trip short?

7. Why is Will's dog barking?

8. In Cold Sassy, what type of working women are NOT looked down on?

9. How old is Rucker when he marries Miss Love?

10. Who was Clayton McAllister?

11. Why does Rucker pay a visit to Mary Willis' pantry every morning?

12. Where was Miss Love born?

13. What is unusual about the way Rucker buries Mattie Lou?

14. What happened to Mary Toy's hair?

15. Why does Grandpa decide to have a fourth of July parade?

16. Who rescues Will from the train trestle?

17. Why does Will despise Grandpa Tweedy?

18. Why does Will start making up tales about Loma on his camping trip?

19. How does Hoyt reveal the fact that he thinks Will's stories about Loma are funny?

20. How do the people in town find out that Love and Grandpa are not sleeping in the same room?

21. What kind of glass does Queenie drink from?

22. Why is Miss Love curious about the kinds of trips Will has taken with his grandfather?

23. Where had Loma gone to college?

24. Where did Cold Sassy get its name?

25. Who comes to Grandpa's and Love's defense regarding their experiences in New York?

26. On what outing does Will first observe that his grandfather's feelings for Love are more than platonic?

27. What joke does Rucker play on Mr. Clem Crummy?

28. How did Miss Love happened to be named "Love"?

29. What does Grandpa do that the school superintendent never could?

30. What does Will do on his 15th birthday?


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Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns-Free BookNotes Summary

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