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Free Study Guide: Beloved by Toni Morrison

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1. Explain five clear examples of the horror of slavery presented in the book.

2. Who is the protagonist of the novel? What is the antagonist? Does the plot end in tragedy or comedy and why?

3. Describe Beloved, the character in the title of the novel? What is her importance to the entire book?

4. Describe Paul D and explain his importance to the entire book?

5. Describe Denver and where she got her name.

6. Compare the gender differences between male and female slaves in the novel and what issues are at stake in terms of their masculinity and femininity.

7. Explain how the system of slavery broke up the family unit, giving specific examples.

8. Explain how Morrison uses point of view in the novel.

9. What is the central theme of the novel and how is it developed?

10. How does Morrison develop the plot of the novel?

11. Examine the relationship between community and the individual - why is Sethe exiled and what effect does it have on her? What causes the community to finally come to her aid?

12. What lesson does Paul D teach Sethe at the end of the novel?

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Beloved by Toni Morrison Free BookNotes Summary

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