Chapter 37

In this chapter it is explained how Phileas Fogg happened to make it on time to the Reform Club. We are taken back to the time when Passepartout is asked to arrange for Fogg and Aouda’s marriage. When he goes to meet the clergyman, he realizes that the marriage cannot take place the next day, because it is a Sunday. It is not a Monday, as Fogg, Aouda and Passepartout think. They learn that they have made a mistake of a day and that they had reached London, twenty-four hours before time. Passepartout runs to his master and pulls him from the house, in order to send him to the Club on time. Fogg manages to reach the Club at the stipulated time. We are then told how the mistake of a day was made. It was to do with Fogg having gained time while traveling eastward. Fogg does not have much money left though. The thousand pounds that remained, he divided between Passepartout and Fix. Aouda and Fogg get married the day after the marriage Passepartout tells Fogg excitedly that they might have gone round the world in 78 days if they had not gone through India. But Fogg answers that then he would not have met Aouda and she would not have been his wife.

Verne tells us in the end that Fogg had won something more important than money, by traveling around the world. He had won a charming woman, who made him the happiest of men.

This is the last chapter of the novel about a journey around the world. We are told how Fogg managed to reach the Club on time. It is a very interesting tale and for this Fogg should be extremely thankful to Aouda. It is she who expresses her wish to get married and if she hadn't Passepartout would never have found out that they reached a day earlier than they were supposed to. Since they did reach a day earlier Fogg has a few minutes in which he can reach the Club. Fogg rushes to a Reform Club, that is surrounded by people who are curious as to whether Fogg will win the bet or not. Fogg, the unmistakably calm hero wins the wager. We are told how the travelers gained a day by traveling eastward.

Fogg is as large hearted as he is precise. He divides a thousand pounds between Passepartout and Fix for whom he feels sorry.

Fogg and Aouda get married and it is a wonderful match.

The novel ends on a strikingly unique note. A day after Aouda and Fogg’s marriage, Passepartout tells Fogg that they might have completed the journey in 78 days, instead of 80. Fogg for once does not take interest in this matter. He states quite openly that he stands more to gain now, because he went through India and met the charming Aouda. He is extremely happy to be with her.

Verne preaches a moral at the end, that love and its attainment is more important than all the challenges and money in the world. We the readers agree and are glad to see all three-Fogg, Aouda and Passepartout-happy.

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