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About the Author

Miles Corwin is an author that also served as a former crime reporter for the Los Angeles Times. His constant subjects back then were the LAPD and homicides in the South Central area of LA. He is a native of Los Angeles. He spent his college years in the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned his M.A. at the University of Missouri; School of Journalism. He is an author of three award-winning and best-selling non-fiction novels: The Killing Season, And Still We Rise, and Homicide Special. He is currently teaching literary journalism at the University of California, Irvine.

About The Book

The author, Miles Corwin, spent a full year with twelve seniors from a South Central school’s gifted magnet program. Corwin followed their stories and watched them prevailing and succeeding despite all trials and obstacles.

Main Characters

Olivia - a battered child that constantly shuffled from foster home to foster home. Hard worker but was incarcerated after she was arrested for forgery.

Scott Braxton – head of Crenshaw High School’s gifted magnet program

Toni Little – teaches 10th and 12th grade AP English

Mama Moultrie – teaches 9th and 11th grade AP English. Constant receiver of Toni Little’s disappointments and disapproval.

Yvonne Noble – principal of Crenshaw high school

Toya – a teenage mother to Kaelen

Sadikifu (Sadi) – a former gangbanger that changed his life for the better

Sabreen – another battered child without reliable parents

Miesha – a cheerleader that was raised by her older brother

Danielle – daughter of Tommie Smith, the legendary African-American athlete from the 1968 Olympics in Mexico

Princess – a gifted student whose life changed after he grandparents passed away

Naila – an excellent athlete and gifted student

Claudia – a student who refuses to hand in her tests and exams

Curt – a child who grew up in a better environment compared to his peers

Latisha – sexually abused as a child, she was able to open up to her past during Little’s class

Venola – a quiet but brilliant student

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